Academy e-Learning

June 2014 was full of hard work, community-building, and plenty of inspiration for the 6th Cohort of Academy e-Learning (AeL). In this brief overview video, see what the participants had to say about it.

The three-week intensive was packed full of hands-on tech workshops, pedagogical discussions, visits from faculty who shared their most successful practices, and hours of free time to work on course redesign. This is what Cohort 6 said was most impactful about the experience.

Effective use of academic technology certainly was a focus, and the Technology & Learning Program staff (Claudine Franquet, Jim Aird, Marjorie Shepard, and their leader Laura Sederberg) really pulled out all the stops. Additional pedagogical support was provided by CELT Director Sara E. Cooper, visiting Professor of Education Joni Dunlap (U of Colorado, Denver), and many other expert faculty members. In this brief video, Cohort 6 members discuss the most exciting redesign elements they will be implementing after this year's AeL summer institute.

When applying for AeL, applicants propose one course redesign that will be their focus for the 3-week intensive and that they will pilot the next fall or spring. Yet year after year, AeL alumni talk about how what they learn seeps into every course. In this short video, you can hear how AeL has changed some of the participants' approaches to teaching.

Academy e-Learning clearly is a moving and inspirational experience for the faculty who attend. There is value in the sense of renewal and community that comes from AeL. Still, arguably the most important end result is the impact on student learning. Here is what this Cohort has to say on the topic.

Interested in learning more? Go to the Academy e-Learning home page, and be sure to keep your eye out for the Call for Proposals next year!