22nd Annual CELT Conference Preliminary Schedule (Subject to Change)

October 6-7, 2016 Colusa 100 A/B
California State University, Chico
Thursday October 6
9:30 AM Colusa 100 A David Agoff
Linda Clark-Borre
The Courage to Teach
9:30 AM Colusa 100 B Sandy Parsons
Juni Banerjee-Stevens, Corinne Beck, Emily Peart, Connie Huyck, Laurie Evans, Kaitlyn Baumgarter and Debra Stewart
Sutdents in Crisis: Teachers who CARE
11-1:30 PM BMU Auditorium Luncheon and Keynote Address from President Gayle Hutchinson on Teaching and Learning in Today's California
2-3:15 PM Colusa 100 A Keynote Workshop
3:30 PM Colusa 100 A Erik Wasinger
David Rahn, Matt Simkins, Susan Modlin, Anna Petrova-Mayor, Ellie Ertle, and Tiffany Anderson
Curricular Change through the Course RE-design with Technology Program
3:30 PM Colusa 100 B Brian Brazeal
Teaching Diversity in Chico: Resources from Visual Anthropology
Friday October 7 
9:00 AM Colusa 100 A Jacuelyn Chase
Sarah Anderson, Hanna Burdette, Joanna Herrera
Identity, Culture and Trajectory: The Classroom as a Place of Encounter
9:00 AM Colusa 100 B David Rahn
Suzanne Zivnuska
Lessons Learned in an Online Course RE-design Effort
10:00 AM Colusa 100 A Sue Peterson
Shannon Troxel- Butte, Stephen Ban- Butte, and Deborah McCabe- Butte
Debate Across the Curriculum: Active Learning and Civic Engagement
10:00 AM Colusa 100 B Chiara Ferrari
David McCoy, Danielle Hidalgo, and Garrett Liles
11:00 AM Colusa 100 A Seema Sehrawat
Celeste Jones
Digital Storytelling in Higher Education
11:00 AM Colusa 100 B Walter Dutton
Charlotte Strauwald
Writing for First Year Students
12:00 PM Colusa 100 A Robin Donatello
Emphasizing Reproducible Research by Teaching Data Analysis with R
12:00 PM Colusa 100 B Suzanne Wakim
Starting at the Top of the Pyramid
2:00 PM Colusa 100 A Kate Ashbey
Engaging all Learners
2:00 PM Colusa 100 B Dami Hammer
Katie Silliman
Advising Today's Students: A Session for Faculty Advisors
3:00 PM Colusa 100 A Robin Donatello
Erik Wasinger
Using Institutional Data to Assess the Impact of a Repeatable Grade on Student Sucess: Digging Deeper into an Introductory Chemistry Course RE-design
3:00 PM Colusa 100 B Garrett Liles  
Christine Sharrio
Say it with Graphics-- Build Skills, Promote  Creativity, and Engage Students
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The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) provides resources to faculty and academic departments to assist faculty in creating dynamic classes, furthering academic reasearch and writing, and providng additional support towards scholarship. 

What Does CELT Do?

  • Sponsors annual Conference on Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Administers Learning Enhancement Grants & Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants
  • Conducts CELT Workshops Throughout the Year
  • Maintains a Video Archive of previous workshops and conference sessions
  • Contributes to New Faculty Orientation and Support, Academy e-Learning (AeL), and Excellence in Online Instruction (EOI)
  • Conducts New Faculty Surveys
  • Provides Lending Library of Teaching Resources
  • Publishes Online Teaching Tips and Resources
  • Sponsors Recognition of Student Achievement (Glenn Kendall Award)
  • Offers Optional and Personalized Teaching Feedback
  • Arranges Individual or Group Consultation
  • Supports Graduate Student Teachers

Our office supports Chico State Faculty with: 

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