CELT Conference 2015 – Academic Tenacity: True Grit For Learning



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CSU, Chico's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is pleased to announce the 21st Annual Conference on Learning and Teaching for faculty, staff, students, administration, and community members.

This year we focus on Academic Tenacity, or “grit,” the resilience in the face of challenge that turns academic potential into academic success. Recent work on the psychology of learning indicates that non-cognitive factors—motivation, habits of self-discipline, self-perception, and beliefs about learning itself—are vital to academic achievement. How can course design, classroom practice, and student support systems be leveraged to foster academic tenacity?

Our keynote speaker this year is Rachel Beattie, Director of Productive Persistence at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

LEARN MORE about Rachel’s presentation and workshop. 

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CELT Conference Schedule 

Thursday, October 8th 


SLAM: Quick teaching demos in CLSA 100A


Critical Thinking: An SLO Everyone Can Love 


Awards Luncheon & Keynote Presentation

Productive Persistence: How to Promote & Sustain Students' Mindsets 

Presented by Rachel Beattie in the BMU Auditorium- learn more 

All are invited- register here


Keynote Workshop

Productive Persistence: Tenacity + Good Strategies 

Presented by Rachel Beattie in CLSA 100A- learn more


Student Retention and The Impact of Learning Communities on Student Growth and Attainment 

Presented by Pamela Morrel, Michelle Cepello, and Linda Mobilio-Keeling in CLSA 100B


Fresh Start- First Generation Students and Academic Probation: an Opportunity for Self-Awareness

Presented by Josh Whittinghill and Student Panel in CLSA 100A


REACH: Fostering the Academic Tenacity of First Generation College Students Through Mentorship and Community Building 

Presented by Al Schademan, Deanna Pierro, Gary McMahon in CLSA 100B

Friday, October 9th


Making it to the Finish Line: Preventing Crash and Burn in Students 

Presented by Karin Lightfoot and Gayle Kipnis in CLSA 100A


Digital Diversity: Identifying and Addressing the Needs of the 21st Century Learner at CSU, Chico

Presented by Ben Seipel and Maris Thompson in CLSA 100B


On Being an Influence: Developing Leaders in your Classroom

Presented by Robert Sprague, Rick Hubbard, Colleen Robb, and Suzanne Zivnuska in CLSA 100A


Strengthen Student Achievement Using Supplemental Instruction 

Presented by Phil Janowicz in CLSA 100B


Academy e-Learning Presentation

Located in Selverster's 104


Gauging Grit and Teaching Tenacity to First Year Transfer Students 

Presented by Ben Seipel, Rebecca Justeson, and Al Schademan in CLSA 100A


Place-based Learning to Promote Student Health and Well-Being: An Example of a CSU, Chico Staff- Faculty Collaborative Project

Presented by Laurie Browne, Denise Crosswhite, Megan McCay, Mariah Akins, and Nataly Adkins in CLSA 100B


Conducting Interviews On-Camera  

Presented by Brian Brazeal in CLSA 100A


Collaborative Learning Strategies at the Tutoring Table

Presented by Christine Connerly, Caroline Prieto, two SLC tutors, a SI Leader, a Tutee, and Two Faculty members involved with the SLC in CLSA 100B


Quality Assurance at CSU, Chico: Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Faculty Panel Discussion

Presented by Ben Seipel in CLSA 100A


Engaging Student Listeners with Sports Radio Strategies

Presented by Matthew Stone in CLSA 100B


Drowning in the Wave Pool: Encouraging Positive Academic Habits and Behaviors as Part of Your Curriculum

Presented by Dustin Bakkie in CLSA 100A


A Conversation about Academic Tenacity and Civic Engagment: Ideas, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

Presented by Ellie Ertle in CLSA 100B


Poverty Impact Lab 

Presented by Susan Roll and Laurie Browne


Enhancing Faculty Grit

Presented by Rebecca Justeson, Ben Seipel, and Brett Christie in CLSA 100B


10 Tips for Productive Professors 

Presented by Dustin Bakkie in CLSA 100A


Bringing Feminism, Feminist Theory and Multiculturalism into the Classroom: The Importance of an Inclusive Curriculum to Student Success

Presented by Lauren Wilson in CLSA 100B 

Highlighted Events

Thursday October 8th 

All Day Poster Gallery in CLSA Hall
9:30-10:45AM SLAM: Quick teaching demos in CLSA 100A

Awards Luncheon & Keynote Speaker by Rachel Beattie

Productive Persistence: How to Promote & Sustain Students' Mindsets

All are invited- register here 

Friday October 9th 

All Day Poster Gallery in CLSA Hall

Poster GalleryBreakfast in CLSA 100A or 100B

All are invited- register here

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