Outstanding Faculty 2012-2013

The Faculty Recognition and Support (FRAS) Committee has just announced the 2012-13 Awards for Outstanding Faculty:

Outstanding Academic Advisor 2012-2013
Peggy Rowberg
Faculty, School of Nursing


Professor Rowberg serves as the pre-nursing advisor for the School of Nursing, the Retention Coordinator for the School of Nursing, the faculty advisor for the Chico chapter of the California Nursing Students Associations, the coordinator for the nursing students pinning ceremony and informally as the mentor/career advisor to all nursing students. Peggy is also the president of Kappa Omicron, the local chapter of the International Honor Society of Nursing.

In her capacity as the pre-nursing advisor, Peggy responds to inquiries from prospective students seeking information from admission standards to preparation of nursing applications. The School of Nursing has more than 800 registered pre-nursing majors, as well as 40 nursing program students per semester.  She handles this incredible volume of inquiries with grace and enthusiasm.

Please join CELT in congratulating Peggy Rowberg, this year's recipient of the 2012-2013 Outstanding Academic Advisor Award.

Outstanding Faculty Service 2012-2013
Teddy Delorenzo
Professor, Department of Political Science


Professor Delorenzo's commitment to service is best reflected in her tireless contribution to the Community Legal Information Center, although that is hardly all she does.  She began teaching at CSU, Chico in 1984 and assumed responsibility at CLIC as a new faculty member. As the Legal Studies Internship Coordinator and the Directing Attorney of CLIC she has been the force behind the success of the Center.   CLIC is staffed by up to 125 undergraduate students each semester and is one of, if not the most extensive, undergraduate legal clinics in the nation.  The community outreach and service hours from CLIC are at an average of 23,000 a year, with an annual client base of 12,000.

Teddy is a professor, advisor, and faculty mentor.  She has guided students over a 28 year span through her infamous legal research class, into service to the community, and, for many, into the legal profession.  She is viewed as being tough but fair in the classroom and an inspiration to those who see her dedication to CLIC and the surrounding community.

Among her other service contributions are Academic Senator, Associated Students Board of Directors (1999-present), department search and personnel committees, college personnel committees, participant in Chico Preview Day, Constitution Day, Faculty Advisor to the Prelaw Society, Moot court judge, to name a few. Teddy also teaches courses at Cal Northern School of Law.

Please join CELT in congratulating Professor Teddy Delorenzo, this year's recipient of the 2012-13 Outstanding Faculty Service Award.

Outstanding Professor 2012-2013
Keiko Goto
Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Science


Professor Goto earned her PhD in nutritional science with minors in epidemiology and education at Cornell University.  She joined the CSU, Chico faculty in 2006.  Dr. Goto has published 23 articles in 14 different refereed journals and has produced two book chapters in Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia.  She has nine additional manuscripts currently under review for publication.

Professor Goto loves to teach and her passion for nutrition is contagious.  Her students are engaged in the classroom and actively involved in research. Of her 20 plus published articles and 30 poster presentations at professional conferences, most are co-authored with students.

Keiko has worked at the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP) since 2006. She assumed the role of Assistant Director for Research and Evaluation in 2010. She has been awarded 11 grants since 2006, four of which have generated close to a half million dollars in off-campus funding.

Keiko is the chair of the Higher Education Division for the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior. She serves as a reviewer for ten professional journals and is an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior and for the California Journal of Health Promotion. In 2011, she was awarded a Professional Achievement Honor by CSU, Chico. 

Please join CELT in congratulating Professor Keito Goto, this year's recipient of the 2012-2013 Outstanding Professor Award.

Outstanding Teacher Award 2012-2013
John Schwarz
Professor, Department of Construction Management


Professor Schwarz earned his BA and MA in recreation administration from CSU, Chico and his JD from the University of California, Hastings College of Law.  He began teaching at Chico in 2002 as a lecturer and was awarded tenure in 2011.

Professor Schwarz brings his 25 years of practical experience into the classroom to infuse a real life element to his lectures. John’s student evaluations are truly off the charts.  He has taught law classes in three colleges.  He knows how to present complex subjects in a way that his student understand.  Professor Schwarz is also well respected by his peers, as evidenced by the classroom observations. “John Schwarz, … is the single best Business Law Instructor we have hired in the last twenty years, Yes, he is that good”.

John recently received the Regional Excellence Teaching Award at the annual conference of the Associated Schools of Construction in recognition of his contributions to construction education, excellence in teaching, and dedication to the construction profession.   He is active with the Construction Management Department’s national recognized community service projects, including: Rebuild New Orleans, Concow Fire Relief, Catalyst Women’s Center and the Blitz Build.  Not only does he bring real life into the classroom, he brings the classroom to real life.  

Please join CELT in congratulating Professor John Schwarz, this year's recipient of the 2012-2013 Outstanding Teacher Award.

Outstanding Research Mentor Award
DingXin Cheng
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering


Professor Cheng joined the CSU, Chico faculty in 2006 in the Civil Engineering Department.  Dr. Cheng has spent several years conducting research on pavement preservation processes focusing on the use of recycled tire waste. He has taken this research and integrated it into his teaching and has presented his research at conferences, both nationally and internationally. Prior to coming to CSU, Chico, Dr. Cheng spent several years in private industry as a transportation engineering consultant.

He is currently the Director of the California Pavement Preservation Center. The Center provides students with opportunities to work in the field as well as in the laboratory.  Dr. Cheng has hired more than 30 graduate and undergraduate students as research assistants.  Most of his 60 plus research papers and technical reports are co-authored with those students.  Dr. Cheng is always accessible to his students, mentoring them in the labs and encouraging them to apply for the research assistant positions to give them experience in the field and opportunities to collaborate on research and reports.

Professor Cheng has been instrumental in obtaining over three million dollars of external funding in support of research.  He has also secured over $350,000 worth of equipment for the asphalt materials lab. Dr. Cheng was a recipient of the CSU, Chico Professional Achievement Award in 2009, and Outstanding Project Director in 2011.  In 2010, he was honored as the Professor of the Year by the America Society of Civil Engineers’ Chico State Student Chapter.

Please join CELT in congratulating Professor DingXin Cheng, this year's recipient of the 2012-2013 Outstanding Research Mentor Award.