Teaching to Diversity and Promoting an Environment of Inclusivity

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The Nuances and Complexities of Teaching Mathematics for Cultural Relevance and Social Justice
Leonard, J., Brooks, W., Barnes-Johnson, J. and Berry, R.Q. III. Journal of Teacher Education, March 2010. 

"Mathematics is not a race-neutral subject. Access and opportunity in mathematics for students of color in the United States continue to be limited. . . . "

Designing learning environments for cultural inclusivity: A case study of indigenous online learning at tertiary level
McLouglin, Catherine. 2000. Australian Journal of Educational Technology. 16(1):58-72.

Interactive Phases of Curricular Re-Vision: A Feminist Perspective.  Working Paper No. 124
McIntosh, P.  1983.  Center for Research on Women, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 02181  

Describes five interactive phases of curricular revision.