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EDCI 336A Curriculum Development & Instruction, Arts

Dr. Cris Guenter, Education

Using technology for technology sake is not nearly as interesting as using technology effectively as Cris Guenter has done in her Education 336A: Curriculum Development & Instruction: Arts class. She has incorporated short video clips of students exchanging information in a discussion on the Arts.
Cris Guenter

  • This 100% online graduate course features teaching strategies and curriculum development in the arts, including cross-curricular integration.
  • Online interactions occur at a global level and include online arts resources from around the world.
  • Results of field testing classmates’ developed lessons, followed by peer reviews are posted for class reflection and discussion.
  • All students videotape personal experiences and reflections in one of the arts, which are then converted to Quicktime and posted for class reviews.
  • All students submit their completed curriculum development to ArtsEdge at the Kennedy Center for possible online publication.

View the poster:
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