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HNRS 149: Introduction to Irish Arts, Culture and Education

Cris Guenter, Education

Including sound Learning Objectives is the first step towards students understanding what performance level is expected of them. In this class taught by Cris Guenter, Honors 149: Introduction to Irish Arts, Culture & Education, students are given opportunities to communicate with the instructor on design and class information. Notice the rubric for the preliminary paper and the opportunities for student self-assessment and peer feedback. This course provides:

  • Research and conversation are conducted at a global level to provide creative, historical, and cultural contexts for further student learning.

  • G.E. writing requirements and individual and group online presentations help develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Student participation in actual Irish arts techniques and music and dance sessions helps develop a more authentic perspective.

  • Documented online investigations lead to complete two-week tour packages that address the five different G.E. areas met by this course.

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