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Sociology 245: Sociology of Work & Occupations

Janja Lalich

This Labor Markets and Inequity class taught by Janja Lalich is well designed and easy to follow with well-marked icons and Table of Contents.

Sociology 245: Sociology of Work & Occupations is:

  • An upper-division course-both on-campus and online-primarily for Sociology and Social Science majors.

  • Engages students in online interactive activities to critically understand the connections between societal, organizational, and interpersonal aspects of work.

  • Develops students' awareness of global movements responding to structural shifts affecting today's workers.

  • Encourages students to practice and enhance their communication and presentation skills through the use of technology.

  • Helps students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in relation to their own and others' work experiences and career goals.

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