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CDES 270A: Introduction to Multimedia Design and Development

Amber Evans, Communication Design

  • Offers a three-unit course for third and fourth year students through WebCT, although the class meets face to face
  • Incorporates design and development of multimedia with emphasis on conceptualizing multimedia products for use in education and training, information delivery, and performance support
  • Requires hands-on skill development in creating digital elements for use in multimedia, such as graphics, audio, and video, and combining these elements into interactive programs. WebCT delivers and collects all assignments
  • Engages students in the course in a variety of ways, such as project-based learning, instructional tutorials, and group projects
  • Closely ties activities to performance objectives
  • Delivers content and demonstrates course goals through a variety of media. Utilizes continual course modifications to address formal and informal student feedback.

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