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CHST/SPAN 140A: Chicano Literature

Sara E. Cooper, Spanish 140

  • Fulfills part of the Cross-Cultural Explorations Theme for General Education Ethnic Diversity
  • Requires students to attend class two hours a week and put in 11/2 hours online in WebCT, usually directly interacting with each other
  • Familiarizes students with the culture and literature of Chicano communities in the United States
  • Provides students critical knowledge useful in the professional arena and encourages personally relating to the literature and culture
  • Emphasizes critical thinking and contemporary theories of literary and cultural criticism
  • Involves lecture, viewing of film and art, extensive reading, and discussions in small and large groups
  • Requires students to participate in online discussions, complete online assignments, participate in oral presentations, and complete a final book analysis on a novel, collection of poetry, or short stories. Much of their work is done in WebCT
  • Supports diverse learning styles.

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