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Exemplary Courses for the Rubric for Online Instruction

Learning Management System: WebCT Campus Edition

The CSU, Chico instructors and courses below received awards for Excellence in Online Instruction as evaluated by the Committee for Online Instruction (COI) using the evaluation criteria of the Rubric for Online Instruction. For more information about the course nomination and recognition process, visit the Nomination page.

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Click on the title of a course below to read about a course's distinguishing characteristics and to view the Exemplary Online Instruction Award poster which was created for the course to demonstrate its unique features.

Exemplary Courses 2002-2003

Course Title Instructor
POLS 141 International Relations Jim Jacob
BIOL 207 Genetics Jeff Bell
SOCI 245 Sociology of Work and Occupation

Janja Lalich

PSSF 100-72 Food Forever Lee Altier & Nacer Bellaloui
MATH 198C - 72 Special Topics in Math for Teachers of Grades K-8, Rational Number & Instruction, Arts Neil Portnoy
EDCI 336A Curriculum Development & Instruction, Arts Cris Guenter
HNRS 149 Introduction to Irish Arts, Culture & Education Cris Guenter
PHED 152A Introduction to Dance Patricia Smiley

Exemplary Courses 2003-2004

Course Title Instructor

PSSC 195

Introduction to Wines

Marian Baldy, Ph.D.

MGMT 129-09

Communication in Business

Bill Bergman

CDES 170

Narrative Scriptwriting

Aaron Bor, Ed.D.


Advanced Grammar and Composition

Sara E. Cooper, Ph.D.and Rony Garrido, Ph.D.

ASST 100

Asian Cultural Traditions

Carolyn Brown Heinz, Ph.D.


Commercial Recreation and Tourism

Jeff Jiang, Ph.D.


Introduction to Multimedia Design & Development

Jon Knolle

CDES 271

Performance Analysis

Jon Knolle

MGMT 129-12

Communication in Business

Jon Knolle

PSY 104

Biological Psychology

Penelope Kuhn, Ph.D.

ART 001A

Art History: Ancient and Medieval

Yoshio Kusaba, Ph.D.

ART 002B

Survey of Arts of the Americas, Oceania, and Africa

Matt Looper, Ph.D.

PSY 001A

Principles of Psychology

Brian Oppy, Ph.D.

NURS 173

Caring for the Family in the Community

Julia Shovein, MS

SOSC 103

Cultural Concepts, Human Social Evolution

Kevin Weherly

Exemplary Courses 2004-2005

Course Title Instructor
CHST/SPAN 140 Chicano Literature Sara E. Cooper
NURS/WMST 168 Women's Health Becky Damazo
CDES 270A Introduction to Multimedia Design & Development Amber Evans

BIS 296

Accounting & Management Informations Systems Lorraine Gardiner

Exemplary Courses 2005-2006

Course Title Instructor
CDES 222 Intro to Advanced WWW Design and Publishing John Knolle and Earl Jessee
CDES 322 Advanced WWW Design and Publishing John Knolle and Earl Jessee