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Exemplary Courses for the Rubric for Online Instruction

Learning Management System: Blackboard Vista

The CSU, Chico instructors and courses below received awards for Excellence in Online Instruction as evaluated by the Committee for Online Instruction (COI) using the evaluation criteria of the Rubric for Online Instruction. For more information about the course nomination and recognition process, visit the Nomination page.

The Exemplary Online Instruction Award posters for the courses below which enumerate and depict some of the distinguishing features of each course. Click the image thumbnail to view the full poster. In some cases, audio or video of the faculty member describing features of the course design are available as well.

Exemplary Coureses by year: 2009 - 2010 | 2008 - 2009 | 2007 - 2008 | 2006 - 2007

View exemplary courses 2002-2006 which used the older WebCT learning management system.

Exemplary Courses 2009-2010

Course Title Instructor Poster (Click to View) Course Demo Videos
GEOS 141 - Concepts in Physical Science Leslie Atkins View Atkins poster  
ACCT 202 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting Nancy Jones View Nancy Jones poster  
PHIL 336 - American Indian Environmental Philosophies Robert Jones View Robert Jones poster  
ARTS 101 - Art Appreciation: Multicultural Perspectives Asa Mittman View Mittman poster  
HIST 102 - Medieval and Early Modern Civilizations Jason Nice View Nice poster  

Exemplary Courses 2008-2009

Course Title Instructor Poster (Click to View) Course Demo Videos

CHLD 455 - Seminar in Family Relations

Diana Coyl View Coyl poster  

SPED 561 - Curriculum & Instruction for Inclusive Settings

Laurel Hill-Ward View Hill-Ward poster View TILT Session on Accessible Syllabus

MKTG 477 - International Marketing

Bill Maligie View Maligie poster

View Class Demo Movie (.MOV)

View TILT Session Archive

SOCI 354 - Interethnic Contacts

Chunyan Song View Poster for Chunyan Song

View TILT Session archive on bringing in a guest presenter


Exemplary Courses 2007-2008

Course Title Instructor Poster (Click to View) Course Demo Videos

GEOS 342 - Concepts in Earth and Space Sciences

Ann Bykerk-Kauffman geos 342 poster  

CIVL 698 - Strategies for Selecting Pavement Preservation Techniques

Denny Gier civl 698 poster View TILT Session Archive

NSCI 102 - Concepts in Biology

Colleen Hatfield nsci 102 poster View TILT Session Archive

SWRK 632 - Field Practicum II

Donna Jensen swrk 632 poster

Learner Expectations:
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Using Discussions

Wimba Voice Board

Student Journals

SPED 673 - Laws and Regulation in Special Education

Steve Koch
SPED 673 poster

Web Resources

Home Page Organization

Anchor Assignment Rubric

Treasure Hunt Assignment

GEOG 106 - The American West

Ann Martin geog 106 poster View TILT Session Archive

PSYC 355 - Child and Adolescent Psychology

Terry Miller-Herringer
PSYC 355 poster



Exemplary Courses 2006-2007

Course Title Instructor Poster (Click to View) Course Demo Videos

EDTE 530 - Fundamentals of Teaching Practice

Roberta James
EDTE 530 poster

AGET 150 - Agricultural Machine Systems

Michael Spiess
AGET 150 poster

View TILT session archive

ANTH 112 - Society, Time and Archaeology

Lisa Westwood
ANTH 112 poster


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