Cats in the Community

March 31, 2014
Cesar Chavez Day
9:00am - 1:00pm
BMU Plaza, On West 2nd street side

Cats in the Community is a day of service in the community to honor Cesar Chavez. It's a day where we show our respects to him by giving back to the community because he was all about giving back and improving the community. The day starts with some keynote speakers (Cesar Chavez's daughter and her husband) that touch upon why we are volunteering and who Cesar Chavez was. Students then volunteer for 2-3 hours at 1 of the locations offered. Afterwards, students return for a reflection activity and then are welcome and encouraged to go to a pool party at the WREC where there will be food, prizes, and games.

Contact Info

Phone: (530)898-5701

Click below to sign up or visit the Associated Students homepage (Look for the Cats in the Community box).