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Chico for Animal Rights aims to raise awareness of animal cruelty and abuse through education and activism.

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Established in fall of 2007, Chico for Animal Rights (CFAR) is a California State University, Chico-based animal rights student club. CFAR uses various educational tools to teach the public and the students of Chico State about animals, the way they are treated, and what can be done to establish and promote basic rights for them. Additionally, our group attempts to make changes on the Chico State campus with the hope of making the lives of animals better. We are also here if you would like information about becoming (or staying!) vegan or vegetarian!

CFAR sponsors events on and off campus, including hosting animal rights speakers, tabling, pamphleting, movie screenings, vegetarian potlucks, and weekly meetings. Currently we meet every Friday at 1 p.m. in Tehama 117. Join us for delicious vegan treats and great discussion about how we can work for animal rights on campus as well as in the greater Chico community. Together we can work to end animal abuse and cruelty in the Chico and North State area.

To contact us directly or if you want to join our cause, just click the "Contact Us" button below. C'mon, click that button! You know you want to! The animals are counting on you. And so are we!

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