Center for Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship is to provide support for students and recent alumni to build their own businesses. The Center’s primary focus is external, meaning we want to help students take their ventures off-campus. We aim to do this by supporting the academic aims of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business program.

Why Entrepreneurship?

At the heart of the Center’s mission is a commitment to help young entrepreneurs make the great leap from idea to reality. Whether a social venture, a web-based business, or a start-up based on an idea from another field, the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management option (major or minor) can teach you to manage risk and launch new enterprises. Entrepreneurship grads also pursue careers in commercializing new products and services in established businesses and managing processes for developing innovations.

Christian Friedland '99 (CEO & Founder of and Andrew Gazdecki '11 (CEO & Founder of Bizness Apps)

 Two Chico State alumni who generously support student success in the College of Business.


Jeff Spence: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur

Chico State alum and highly successful serial entrepreneur Jeff Spence visited campus to show students what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Watch the whole inspiring presentation here.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Future Four & More!

Congratulations to Sacramento State and the winning idea called Biliblu-- 1st Place winners of the spring 2016 Future Four & More! 

Congratulations are also in order for the 2nd, 3rd, and special category winners:

  • 2nd Place: Wyatt Hahn of Chico State - Upool 
  • 3rd Place: Right Right Left of Humboldt State
  • Most Sustainable: Richard Davis of Chico State - Verticopia Farms
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Alyssa Nolan of Butte College - Victorious Living
  • Most Ready to Launch: Albert Bateh of St. John's University of New York - EZ Hair Net

Congratulations to all the winners and contestants of this year's Future Four. You are all winners in our book!