Our Approach

Addressing Challenges

The e-Incubator addresses challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

  • In order to address the time issue we focus on using efficient processes. The e-Incubator provides various checklists and methodologies for decision-making that reduce the time it takes to get to market.
  • In order to address the cost and tools issue we focus on using freemium tools whenever possible and appropriate. We have identified a collection of low cost, free and/or freemium tools which enable the entrepreneur to launch a business at the lowest cost possible, and to scale up as needed later with freemium premium offerings.

Process Overview

Our process can be applied as a complete methodology, or community members can request assistance on any of the various topics.

Our process includes:

  • First, putting the business concept or plan into a business model canvas for ease of discussion and evaluation of the proposed value proposition and customer segments. 
  • Next, a web host and domain name is chosen.  
  • Then, a functional web site with product prototype and focused marketing content is developed.
  • Potential customers are then identified and the proposed value proposition is evaluated and refined.
  • Evaluating and refining the value proposition is accomplished through the customer development process where customers interact with the product or product prototype.

At a point in the customer development process it becomes clear whether the proposed value proposition is viable and the business should move ahead as envisioned, or whether the business concept needs to pivot to address a market that has more clearly emerged, and which has different requirements. Following this the cycle is repeated with refinements to the growing business as needed.

Topic Areas Addressed

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Getting to Entrepreneur, Business and Product Uniqueness
  • Web Hosting and Domain Names
  • Web Site and Page Design
  • Developing Effective Marketing Content
  • Social Media
  • Running Marketing Campaigns Online and Offline
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Development Process
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Global Talent Sourcing
  • Productivity Tools for Online Businesses

Because this area changes so rapidly, we consider this an evolving knowledge base. As we assist community members in facing and solving entrepreneurial challenges we update our knowledge base.