Assistance from the E-Incubator

The e-Incubator is available to assist students, faculty and alumni in e-business ventures.

Do you think you might have an idea, but want to first explore what the entrepreneurial road map looks like?  We can provide you with an overview of the process and ideas on what you will need to get right in order to succeed. Contact us to learn about what you should do even before you take your first big steps.

Do you already have an idea and are you investing time and energy? We can look at what you are doing and help you determine priorities, so you can avoid common missteps often made by others when pursuing an entrepreneurial venture.  Contact us to learn about how to move forward in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Do you have a business up and running, and are you facing a particular challenge? We can look at what your challenge is and help you gain clarity on whether you should stay the course or embark on a strategic shift in your position.  Contact us to learn how to step back from your current way of thinking and see things from a fresh perspective.