The e-Incubator was started in 2009 as a way to provide support to students who were specifically interested in starting an online business. Over the past several years, many students, primarily in the College of Business, have attended consulting sessions and received coaching on their e-business venture ideas. During this time the e-Incubator has analyzed and recommended a variety of tools and processes for entrepreneurs to use when developing and launching an e-business.  

When actually releasing a product to a real market, however, time, process, cost and tools emerge as key challenge areas which student entrepreneurs face. Of course these challenges are all interrelated, making the process of launching the business all the more difficult. The e-Incubator seeks to address each of these challenges. Read more… 

The e-Incubator is available to assist students, faculty and alumni. Working closely with the CfE, we are eager to assist members of the community across all colleges, departments and areas of study.  As a student, it is not necessary that you are enrolled in the Entrepreneurship program in order to receive assistance; we recognize that you may have a valuable idea while embarking on any program of study. 

As a student, faculty or alumni you can visit us for a consultation no matter what the idea might be, or how far along you are in your endeavor. Your idea could be for a lifestyle e-business or you could be shooting for the next big thing! You could be just starting out or already in business!  We’ll provide you with a confidential consultation that can be very helpful. Think of us as part of your team - you don’t have to make critical decisions alone! Read more… 

Finally, the e-Incubator considers itself a living, breathing repository of ideas and information to exchange. We encourage involvement from both the university community and the business community at large. E-business is an area of rapid change and with change emerges opportunity. We encourage all interested community members to come forward with ideas and support in order that we may best capitalize on the opportunities emerging. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to make a contribution in any way.

 Join us!