Matt York

Matt York Before the word camcorder was coined, Matthew York attended Rutgers's University in New Jersey. In three short years he pursued a double major in Communications (TV) and English (Film) and graduated in 1978 with a BA. For a short time he worked in the TV commercial industry and the underground video movement while living in New York City. In 1985, York was inspired by the advent of the camcorder. He researched the magazine publishing field, created a corporation (his first), raised capital for Videomaker Magazine, and launched it in June of 1986. First published when manufacturers began marketing camcorders to consumers, Videomaker is now the industry-leading magazine in its category. York Publishing also conducts webinars, hands on workshops, a DVD series, and a robust web site with over 350,000 visitors each month. In August of 1997 Matt was awarded United States Patent 5,850,340, in December of 1998, for an "Integrated remote controlled computer and television system"

Currently Matt is focused upon growing a new Social Entrepreneurial Venture; One Media Player per Teacher (OMPT) which provides video technology and training to charities working in the poorest places in the world. It is York’s vision to democratize and enrich television by educating, informing and inspiring people about its use.