The Impact of Contributions

The Center for Entrepreneurship welcomes your contributions — of course! — as capital is ultimately, the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial venture. Center funds are put to good use; almost all go directly to the entrepreneurs; either in the form of direct stipends through our various contests or as seed money through the Chico State Accelerator Fund.

Donations also help the center to fulfill its mission by funding programs, contests, outreach and other normal functions of its various programs.

Donations are fully tax-deductible through the Chico State University Foundation.

How It Works

If all goes well, a student entrepreneur will go through a multi-step process to build a business and obtain funds.  There are a number of different scenarios an entrepreneur would follow to obtain funds. Here are a few:

Major — or Minor — in Entrepreneurship.

  1. Take classes in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business curriculum.
  2. Write a feasibility study in Management 450.
  3. Follow-up the feasibility study with a business plan in Management 451.
  4. Submit a business plan to the Center director for review.
  5. Submit and present business plan to Accelerator Fund Due Diligence Committee for review and funding.

Enter A Contest

  1. Enter a Business Concept Competition.
  2. Take concept and refine it.
  3. Get help and guidance from the Center.
  4. Obtain short-term seed money from center to develop idea further.
  5. Demonstrate successful completion of initial tasks.
  6. Submit and present plan to Accelerator Fund Due Diligence Committee for review and funding


  1. Attend a Boot Camp event.  In 2010, the CfE held a one week Boot Camp for prospective presenters to the Due Diligence Committee. 17 students assembled at 6:00 AM each day for a week for specialized training sessions led by a panel of qualified professionals and professor.
  2. Develop a proto-type. The CfE is working to enhance its already strong ties with the College of Engineering to help engineering majors develop their ideas into a commercial reality.