Mentors and Apprenticeship Program

One of the best things about the Chico State Entrepreneurship Program is, well, that it is in Chico. Of those of you who have never been here, Chico is a special sort of town. The level of commitment the average Chicoan feels toward their community is almost unparalleled. As such, many local business people are more than willing to help young entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. Meet the board of mentors here.

The Board of Mentors has been established to give student entrepreneurs a wise and experienced friend. Each of the mentors gladly volunteers his or her time. Each of the mentors is keenly interested in seeing the new businesspeople succeed. And finally, each member of the CSUC Entrepreneurship Program Board of Mentors knows that each additional successful business helps grow a community they love.

Contacting a Mentor

If you’re a currently registered student at CSUC and are interested in working with a mentor then fill out the Mentorship Contact Form.  Someone for the Center for Entrepreneurship will contact you shortly.