Student Organizations

Chico Entrepreneurial Association members

Chico Entrepreneurial Association

The Chico Entrepreneurial Association (CEA) is an organization that is devoted to helping students learn how to become entrepreneurs from each other. They have been chiefly responsible for the biannual business concept competition and have participated and continue to participate in campus wide events. 

SAGE Global members in Moscow


One of Chico States most notable achievements is the worldwide organization SAGEGlobal. Under the helpful and guiding eye of their university business consultants and mentors, SAGE provides teenagers the opportunity to complete a socially-responsible business (SRB) or a social enterprise business (SEB). At the end of the academic year, the student teams showcase their efforts on a national and world stage. It is a free, non-membership service available to all advocates of education in private and social entrepreneurship. For more facts about SAGE click here.

Project Management Group members

Project Management Group

The Project Management Group (PMG) helps students gain real project experience outside the classroom, and helps prepare them for a future in business. The group upholds their motto "On Time and Under Budget." Consequently companies look to PMG for assistance. In addition, when these companies have a job opening they come to PMG first. PMG gives entrepreneurial students the opportunity to work on real-time projects that will help them understand how to meet their goals – on time and under budget.