Probably no area is of more relevance to young entrepreneurs than sustainability. Many experts believe businesses focusing on green initiatives will be critical to our country’s potential and highly profitable as well. The center for Entrepreneurship partners with a number of different organizations and clubs on campus to help usher in this future.

Sustainability Management Certified Professional

Gain a competitive advantage with the Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP). Certification will create new revenue opportunities, enhance brand reputation, reduce risks and costs. Get noticed and be first in line to win Request for Proposals (RFPs), gain new partners, and foster a workplace culture that creates value through values.

What does SMCP certification mean to you?

  • Certification attests that professionals strategically manage for economic performance, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship
  • SMCP’s will be able to implement strategic plans and create a systemic culture
  • New hires will have a core competency in managing human and natural resources SMCP’s will exceed stakeholder expectations

What are the benefits of certification?

  1. Widespread knowledge, skills, and abilities on how to manage for sustainability that creates a workplace culture
  2. Certified professionals will reduce risks, costs, while improving brand reputation and creating new revenue opportunities
  3. Sustainability management becomes status quo as a management norm
  4. Recruiters can differentiate between candidates that know how to make decisions on holistic management approaches
  5. Employee development and continuous training
  6. Successful change management within organizations
  7. Number of certified professionals can be reported in financial and/or sustainability reports

Who is certification best suited for?

  • Frontline managers from government and policy makers, business, and nonprofit organizations plus sustainability coordinators. It is also highly recommended for executives in order to pervasively create a culture of driving value through values.
  • Students and professionals who are changing career paths can also take the certification at a lower level and be certified as Sustainability Management Certified Associates (SMCA).

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The certification is awarded by the Association of Sustainability Management Certified Professionals in collaboration with California State University, Chico and Kendall Hunt Publishing.