CNAP is now CHC

The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) was previously known as the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP)

Chico State’s Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) is a leader in research-based nutrition, physical activity, and policy changes to help reverse the world’s obesity epidemic. It was previously known as the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP) as well as OPT (Overweight Prevention and Treatment) for Healthy Living. The new name acknowledges the Center’s broader health focus.

Modest Beginnings

The Center began in 2001 with one health program. Today it has 27 programs providing services to all age groups in 19 Northern California counties, including all 12 counties of CSU, Chico’s service area. During the past decade the Center has boosted the north state economy with more than $30 million in grants.

Many Disciplines

The Center’s faculty and staff represent agriculture, business, child development, education, food safety, graphic design, health and community services, journalism, kinesiology, management information systems, nutrition, public administration, public relations and media, social work, and sociology.

Education & Excellence

The Center is recognized statewide, nationally, and internationally for its staff achievements and its excellence in community health outreach. In 2014, for example, the CHC’s Michele Buran presented preschool obesity prevention strategies to health departments in all 50 states through the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Programs & Services

The Center’s community programs promote physical activity, nutrition education, and food security and provide resources and training to more than 100,000 north state residents of all ages through:

•     CalFresh Outreach

•     Community health policy

•     Community services & classes

•     Evaluation and health program consulting

•     Farm to school programs

•     Food safety

•     Preschool physical activity promotion

•     Public health staff trainings and services

•     Senior meals and other senior services

Research & Evaluation

Peer-reviewed academic research guided by Dr.Keiko Goto in areas such as agriculture, education and public health helps the Center maintain its cutting-edge focus.

Nationally Recognized Service Learning and Pre-Professional Training

The Center’s internship training program is a model for civic engagement and experiential education. Preliminary findings suggest that more than 90% of CHC student alumni achieve their employment/graduate school goals. The Center provides internships to more than 120 unpaid undergraduate and graduate students—in many different disciplines—and paid student employment to an average of 80 students each year.