Current Research Projects

Summer 2017

CalFresh EBT  

Funding Source: USDA-Farmers Market SNAP Support

Increasing CalFresh Participation at Regional Farmers’ Markets 

Graduate Student: Hayley Heino 

Committee Members: Stephanie Bianco, MS, RD (Chair) 

This is a three year study what will measure CalFresh participation at the farmers’ markets in the northern California region. Various strategies will be implemented to increase participation including: 1) Current EBT-available farmers’ markets (EBT-FM) locations will be provided and promoted at all SNAP Outreach sites in ten northern CA counties, 2) New signage at eight market sites will be provided in addition to farmers’ market staff training  to welcome more SNAP participants 3) Farmers’ market tours will help participants locate and familiarize them with the EBT-FM redemption, 4) Farmers’ market staff will be trained on EBT-FM machine use and documentation, and 5)  Cooking demonstrations and tastings will increase participant self-efficacy to use and prepare the fresh food offered at farmers’ markets. Changes in participation will be assessed using baseline and follow-up CalFresh sales data. 

Assessment of Student Food Insecurity and Impact of CHC CalFresh Outreach Efforts on Student Success 

Funding Source: N/A

Title: TBD 

Graduate Student: Candie Cho 

Committee Members: Stephanie Bianco, MS, RD (Chair) 

This study will build upon previous CHC research projects related to food insecurity on college campuses. Specifically, this study will assess the impact of CalFresh Outreach and enrollment on student success across multiple CSU campuses. 

Foodie U Mindful Eating in School Children 

Funding Source: USDA - Agriculture and Food Research Initiative

Title: Factors Associated with Mindful Eating Behaviors Among Elementary School Children: A Pilot Study 

Graduate Student: Gauri Karnik 

Committee Members: Joan Giampaoli, PhD, RD (Chair), Keiko Goto, PhD, Ben Seipel PhD, Kevin Buffardi, PhD 

This is a cross sectional baseline study to investigate factors associated with mindful eating behaviors including food consumption, demographics, mindful eating, and emotional eating. 

Title: Qualitative Evaluation of a Mindful Eating Intervention Among Elementary School Children 

Graduate Student: Jennifer Joyce 

Committee Members: Keiko Goto, PhD (Chair), Joan Giampaoli, PhD, RD, Ben Seipel PhD, Kevin Buffardi, PhD 

Focus groups with parents of elementary school students to understand the impact of the Mindful Eating intervention in schools on socio-cultural perceptions of mindful eating among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white parents.  

Butte County Senior Nutrition Program 

Funding Source: California Department of Aging

Title: Senior Meals Participation: Barriers in Butte County 

Graduate Student: Amy Ray 

Committee Members: Stephanie Bianco, MS, RD (Chair); Richard Gitelson, PhD; Michele Buran, MA 

Through the use of a participant survey, this study will identify intrapersonal, interpersonal and structural barriers to participation in the Butte County congregate meal program by means of a perceived constraints survey.  Overall participant satisfaction with the program will be measured. The study examines the relationship between participation and perceived barriers to participation with assessment of the emotional and social well-being of participants.   

Enhancing Agricultural Safety Year-Round (EASY GAP) 

Funding Source: Agricultural Research Institute 

Title: TBD 

Graduate Student: TBD 

Committee Members: TBD 

This is a three year study that will measure the effectiveness of online training and on-farm assistance in the implementation of on-farm food safety. Participating farmers will complete the online EASY GAP food safety training program developed by CHC. Farmers will then be given on-site assistance to implement these food safety practices and develop a written food safety plan. A pre and post on-site verification will measure changes in on farm practices.