CHEM courses info - Fall 2013

Find out how to maximize your chances for getting into that CHEM class you really need

  • April 15 – May 24 (Continuing Students) and June 11 – July 31 (New Students)
    • ALL COURSES: Waiting lists are now created online during your registration process
  • July 31
    • Fee payment deadline
  • Aug 5 – Sept 6 (Open Registration)
    • Enrollment is handled online
  • Aug 26 – Aug 30  (First week of classes)
    • Lecture-only courses
      • Enrollment is handled online
    • Lecture/Lab-combo or Lab-only courses
      • Each morning the online registration and wait list function will be turned-off for the lab sections that meet that day.  Waiting lists will be turned over to the instructors. Go to the lab section you are trying to add 10-15 minutes before the lab begins and talk to the instructor. Let them know you are on the waiting list OR you'd like to be added to the wait list.
      • If you are enrolled in the class, make sure you are present at the start of the first lab session. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be dropped and another student will get your seat