Adding CHEM courses - Spring 2013

Find out how to maximize your chances for getting into that CHEM class you really need

  • Oct 15 - Nov 16 (Continuing Students) and Dec 3 - Dec 7 (New Students)
    • ALL COURSES: Waiting lists are now created online during your registration process
  • Dec 13
    • Fee payment deadline
  • Jan 7 - Jan 27 (Open Registration)
    • Enrollment is handled online
  • Jan 28 - Feb 1 (First week of classes)
    • Lecture-only courses
      • Enrollment is handled online
    • Lecture/Lab-combo or Lab-only courses
      • Each morning the online registration and wait list function will be turned-off for the lab sections that meet that day.  Waiting lists will be turned over to the instructors. Go to the lab section you are trying to add 10-15 minutes before the lab begins and talk to the instructor. Let them know you are on the waiting list OR you'd like to be added to the wait list.