Maps & Parking

Parking Map

Parking Information
Parking permits are required:
Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Campus Parking lots are enforced Monday through Friday. Weekends and holidays excepted. Holidays are defined as those holidays that are observed by the University.

Hourly/Daily Parking
Hourly permits are available for purchase by downloading the Passport Parking app.

The cost is $1 per hour. This is a zone specific program. Please make sure you are parking in the “G” general parking areas. Refer to map link provided.

Disabled Parking
Visitors to Chico State displaying a valid disabled placard or license plates issued by the DMV are required to obtain a complimentary disabled parking pass.  The pass is available from the University Police Department.  This pass is only valid for Chico State disabled stalls.

For more information on parking, please call Parking Enforcement at (530) 898-5555. You can also send questions and comments via email to