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Favorite memories of Chico State

While a graduate student, I had a work-study job in the Admissions Office, with one of my duties giving campus tours. These tours were especially nice during a sunny Chico morning, walking from the library to the dorms, through campus to Bidwell Mansion and around to the administration building.

I remember when parents asked what students needed most—I would grin and say, “Get a bike and bring a large inner tire tube for tubing down the Sacramento River.” It was also interesting how many times parents asked, “How close is the prison?” mistaking Chico for Chino.

I also remember how surprised I was to find that many parents and seniors did not know that the old classic film, Robin Hood, with Errol Flynn was filmed in Bidwell Park. Those “Sherwood Forest” trees and creeks remain some of the reasons Bidwell Park is so enjoyable even today.

—Frank X. Terrazas Jr. (MA, History, Credential, ’78)

John and Janet As a Vietnam War veteran, I returned to college after a five-year absence, and CSU, Chico made the re-entry process in 1975 a painless and welcoming experience. The school met all of my expectations and more. I came away with an American Studies degree, a marriage partner [with John in photo left: Janet Samsel, BA, Speech and Drama, ’77], and a job offer from the Smithsonian Institution. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

—John Brennan (BA, American Studies, ’77)

My three years at Chico were as good as they can get! I pledged TKE, worked in the dean’s office, and lived at “Payton Place” on Dayton Road. Bob Payton was one of my roommates, but when he moved out the name reverted to Dayton Place! Driving the pizza truck for Pizon’s was a great way to meet the ladies.

After 30 years in orthopedic, neuro-, and plastic surgery development and distribution, I have spent eight years in real estate development and brokerage. I am currently doing a green project in Hawaii and selling in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

Thanks to Chico, I have had a terrific life.

—Thomas “Tish” “Komaka” Tischer (BA, Social Science,’68)

From left: Pat Hilton, Melissa Brown, Clay Reid, Roger Dolochycki, Walter Sager, Tom Webb, Mark Smith, Ramona Owens, Michael Agliolo When I attended Chico State in the early 1970s, I remember listening to the band Panamiga, which often played in the Quad [Free Speech] area during lunch. This 1972 picture shows the band members. I believe all of them attended Chico State.

I remember attending the awesome gymnastic meets, the football games, and track and field events as a young child. We also attended many wonderful performances at Laxson Auditorium and the outdoor concerts on the fields. Of course, Pioneer Days was full of fun activities for adults, students, and kids. The quads built by the sororities, fraternities, and other campus organizations were fantastic and very creative. The parade was a must-attend event for our family each year. Studying in Bidwell Park. CAVE and volunteering as a Big Sister. So many fond memories, and they keep on coming since I work here on campus.

—Becky DeVault (attended ’73 –’75)
Administrative Support Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics

Another favorite teacher

I would have to say that Robert A. Dais was my favorite teacher.

Mr. Dais (BA, Education, ’48) graduated from Chico State after serving in World War II. In 1948, he came to McCloud Grammar School, where he became my seventh- and eighth-grade teacher. He was a worldly, athletic, knowledgeable veteran and my class’s first male teacher. The timing of his arrival for pre-adolescent boys could not have been better. In addition to exceeding the challenge of teaching the standard academic curriculum, Mr. Dais became a community leader. He became involved in the skiing program and the Boy Scouts. In the summer, he became the recreation district’s swimming and aquacade director. He was our grammar school basketball coach, where he taught us fundamentals and skills that helped us to win several county high school championships.

Bob Dais’s talent, energy, and insight would later help him become elected as Siskiyou County superintendent of schools. The lessons taught by Mr. Dais were initiated in the classroom but went beyond the classroom. Thanks to Mr. Dais and to all the teachers like him, most of us are college graduates and all of us are successful and enjoying a complete life.

—Joe Anderson (Master of Business Administration, ’70)

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