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In Memorium

In Memorium

Wildcats on the Move Coordinator
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California State University, Chico
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(BA, Education, ’36) died April 27, 2013, in Chico at the age of 96. After graduation, Bennett taught school at Pine Creek in Tehama County. While attending Chico State, she met her future husband, Frank Bennett, whom she accompanied to Louisiana during World War II while he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps. They later returned to California and eventually Chico. Bennett is survived by children Henry, Marilyn, James, and Frank; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

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(BA, Home Economics, ’40) died June 23, 2013, at the age of 94. After teaching home economics for a few years, Dunlap became a homemaker while she and husband Joe raised their sons. She lived in Pleasant Grove until 2012, when she moved to Chico to be closer to family. She was predeceased by son Norman and husband Joe. She is survived by son Loren and one granddaughter.

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(BA, Music, ’51; Credential, ’51) died Aug. 2, 2013, at the age of 83. Immediately after graduating from Chico State, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served as a second lieutenant until 1953. He then began a 37-year teaching career, working at every school in the Paradise Unified School District. After retiring in 1990, he was a pioneer in the field of computer networking for Paradise public schools. Coutolenc is survived by wife Bettie, son Gene, daughters Niki and Christi, and one grandson.


(BA, Education, ’54; Credential, ’54) died Feb. 27, 2013, at the age of 80. Palmer was active in the Newman Club at Chico State. She taught at grade schools in Brentwood until 1960 when she married Paul Palmer and moved. When she eventually moved back to Brentwood, she served on the Planning Commission, the City Council, and as the city’s mayor from 1986 to 1990. She was a mother to seven children. She is survived by children Anne, Marihelen, and Paul; two grandsons; and two great-grandchildren.

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(BS, Civil Engineering, ’63) died June 18, 2013, at the age of 74. While attending school, Bachman worked for the Department of Forestry. He also worked for the Army Corps of Engineers during construction of the Oroville Dam. In 1972, he and wife Jill started Bachman and Associates, a civil engineering company. He was a member of Delta Psi Delta, Chico Elks Lodge, Chico Oddfellows, and the Comanche Rider Association. He is survived by daughter Tara, sons Todd and Troy, and four grandchildren.


(BA, Art, ’64) died July 23, 2013, at the age of 72. While at Chico State he was a member of Delta Psi Delta and served in the U.S. Army Reserve. He taught art classes and coached the junior varsity football team at Pleasant Valley High School from 1965 to 2004 and taught part time at Butte College. He was a talented artist with a wide circle of friends. He is survived by wife Joy; children Kristina, Darci, and Bradley; and eight grandchildren.

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(BA, Political Science, ’72) died July 4, 2013, at the age of 68. He moved almost every year during his childhood and served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. He enjoyed Chico more than any other place he had been and so made it his permanent home. For a historical festival, he grew a handlebar mustache that was so popular he wore it for the rest of his life. He is survived by sister Barbara.


(BA, Geology, ’72) died May 8, 2013, at the age of 64. During his time at Chico State, he frequently collected fossils and subsequently donated a notable ammonite example to the university collection. Spangler enjoyed golfing with his sons, woodworking, and fishing. He was a member of the Neighborhood Church of Chico, a donor to the American Cancer Society, and coached his sons’ Durham Little League baseball team. He is survived by sons Nicholas and Peter. He was predeceased by wife Barbara.


(BS, Business Administration, ’78) died June 20, 2013, at the age of 64. Upon graduation, she got married and raised two children in Chico. She worked as an accountant for several local businesses and eventually moved into management. She loved to read, cook, and spend time with her family. She is survived by husband Roger and children Reidun and Justin.


(attended ’75–’78) died May 2, 2013, at the age of 55. For the past 15 years, Pierce specialized in sustainable design. As a sustainability consultant for The Green Exchange, he helped create the country’s first commercial real estate development to advance green business. In 2011, he became chief operating officer for the nonprofit Resource Center, which promotes sustainability through creative reuse of unseen and neglected resources. He is survived by wife Annie.

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(BS, Home Economics, ’92) died July 15, 2013, at the age of 57. She worked for many years with adults and children with disabilities both at the Work Training Center and Chico Unified School District. She was proud of having traveled to every state except Alaska. She loved to crochet, and was a good cook and huge baseball fan. She is survived by husband Dennis, daughters Janelle and Sarah, brothers Rick and Tim, and four grandchildren.

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(BA, Sociology, ’11; graduate student, Social Work) died Aug. 1, 2013. He was 36. Frias is remembered as a kind and generous man who overcame a life of drugs and legal trouble to become a highly engaged and successful student. He was active in Gamma Zeta Alpha, volunteered for CAVE, and attended trainings at the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center. He is survived by parents Froilan and Maria, three brothers, and three sisters. 


(BS, Business Administration, ’13) died Aug. 18, 2013, as the result of an automobile accident in Tappan, North Dakota. He was 23. Following graduation, he pursued his interest in agriculture, moving to North Dakota to take a position with Sitzmann Farms as an agronomist. Cain is survived by parents Joanne and Wayne, sister Danielle, and brother Jeffrey.


(undergraduate on break, Computer Engineering) died April 17, 2013, at the age of 41. He first enrolled at Chico State in 1988. After an extended break, he re-enrolled in classes as a computer engineering major. He is survived by wife Joanna and three children.


(undergraduate, Psychology) died July 20, 2013, at the age of 23. During his senior year of high school, Lininger was student body president and captain of the basketball team. He grew an interest in computers while working with his mother at Family Solutions and Counseling Solutions. He had a special talent for diagnosing technical issues and helping people fix them. He is survived by parents Steve and Trishanne.


(undergraduate, Animal Science) died April 28, 2013, at the age of 22. She was expected to graduate in fall 2013. “She always struck me as a very bright, capable, and caring young person,” says Dave Daley, her academic advisor and associate dean of the College of Agriculture. She is survived by parents Kathy and Marty.


(undergraduate, Social Science) died May 14, 2013, at the age of 54. He had been taking online courses at CSU, Chico since spring 2012. He was from Omaha, Nebraska, and lived the past few years in Lompoc as his mother’s primary caregiver. “Mike was such a wonderful online student. He was very smart, responsible, hardworking, and a good person,” says geography professor Guy King.


(undergraduate, Health Education) died June 11, 2013, at the age of 37. Pahlka had been enrolled part-time since transferring to CSU, Chico in 2010. “Carmen impressed me as a hardworking, conscientious, and dedicated student,” says Professor Roland Lamarine. She is survived by children Caleb and Shantall.


(undergraduate, Health Science) died Aug. 27, 2013, at the age of 18. She entered CSU, Chico and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) in fall 2012. She was a member of the Upward Bound program and her long-term goal was to become a nurse. “She was a very positive person—shy, respectful, a really good student,” says Victoria Bass, coordinator of EOP Admissions. Lor is survived by her parents and five siblings.

—Kacey Gardner, Public Affairs and Publications

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