Books by Faculty

Books by Faculty

Using Data for Continuous School Improvement, third edition

Victoria L. Bernhardt, Communication, and executive director, Education for the Future
(Routledge, 2013, 432 pages)
This third edition provides an updated continuous school improvement framework, explains the components and structures for using schoolwide data for the purpose of continuous school improvement, and organizes the information for easy retrieval and application.

Viaje al fondo de Eva: la poesía como autopsicoanálisis y re-encuentro con la ilusión en Eva sin Dios, de Luz Méndez de la Vega [Journey to the Depths of Eve: Poetry as Self-Psychoanalysis and Rediscovery of Faith in Eve without God, by Luz Méndez de la Vega]

Rony Garrido, Spanish Studies
(Editorial Cultura, 2013, 105 pages)
Viaje al fondo de Eva analyzes Eve without God, the first collection of poems published by Guatemalan writer Luz Méndez de la Vega. The book argues that these poems can be interpreted as the author’s journey into herself, serving as a psychodynamic self-exploration and, ironically, as a rediscovery of the therapeutic value of faith.

Inclusive Physical Activity, second edition

Susan Kasser and Rebecca Lytle, Kinesiology
(Human Kinetics, 2013, 312 pages)
This second edition is an excellent resource for physical activity practitioners or students preparing to work with diverse populations in schools, fitness facilities, community recreation sites, and sport programs. It shows how to provide optimal programming for all individuals—regardless of capability—so they can be healthy and active throughout their lifespans.

ChemActivities and LabActivities for General Education Chemistry

Christopher Nichols, Chemistry
(Kendall-Hunt, 2013, 227 pages)
This workbook is used by students in Chemistry 100, including lecture notes, group learning, activities, and group lab experiments.

Chemistry 270: Clicker Questions, Handouts, and Homework Sets

Christopher Nichols, Chemistry
(Kendall-Hunt, 2013, 228 pages)
This lecture supplement for students in Chemistry 270 includes “clicker” questions presented to them in class, copies of important documents used in class, and customized homework assignments.

Unspeakable Awfulness book coverUnspeakable Awfulness: America Through the Eyes of European Travelers, 1865–1900

Kenneth D. Rose, History
(Routledge, 2013, 287 pages)
In this book, Rose gathers a broad selection of observations made by European travelers to the United States. European visitors remarked upon what they saw as a distinctly American approach to everything from class, politics, and race to language, food, and advertising. Includes vivid travelers’ tales and many illustrations.

A Career with Meaning: Recreation, Parks, Sport Management, Hospitality, and Tourism, second edition

Emilyn Sheffield, Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management, co-editor with Cheryl Stevens, James Murphy, and Lawrence Allen.
CSU, Chico authors include Polly Crabtree, Morgan Geddie, and Chang Lee.
(Sagamore, 2014, 425 pages)
A Career with Meaning enables individuals to match their core beliefs and values with numerous professional opportunities within the leisure industry. Leading experts provide detailed discussion and insight for 11 primary areas related to recreation, parks, sport management, hospitality, and tourism. Unlock the door to your future career in a job you’ll love.

Hunting for Dirtbags book coverHunting for ‘Dirtbags’: Why Cops Over-Police the Poor and Racial Minorities

Lori Beth Way and Ryan Patten, Political Science
(University Press Northeastern, 2013, 208 pages)
This ethnographic study explores how police officers use their discretionary time on the job—and the consequences. The authors show that America’s “tough on crime” approach to justice has too often proved to be a smokescreen for controlling people deemed undesirable, rather than a genuinely effective strategy for reducing crime.

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The Adventures of Terrible Tribble Ted book coverAn Adventurous Collaboration

The Adventures of Terrible Tribble Ted

Greg Tribble, author; Susan McMahon Wiesinger, Journalism and Public Relations, editor; Carole Montgomery, Communication Design, art director; Ashley Lee, Communication Design Associates, illustrator (Tribble T Press, 2013, 80 pages)
The Adventures of Terrible Tribble Ted marks an unusual collaboration among a first-time Chico author, two CSU, Chico faculty members, and a graphic design student.

The seeds of the project began when Chico orthodontist Greg Tribble began telling bedtime stories about Terrible Tribble Ted to his young children. Fond memories of these stories carried them into adulthood, and they suggested he put the stories in writing so others could share in Ted’s adventures.

Tribble approached journalism and public relations chair Susan Wiesinger with the rough stories in 2011, and they began working together on their development. In 2013, communication design faculty Carole Montgomery and recent communication design graduate Ashley Lee joined the project. Together, they created a book appropriate for fourth through sixth graders. 

The story is about Ted Tribble, who has a knack for launching adventures that almost always end in minor misfortunes. It’s not that Ted intends to get into trouble, but trouble seems to follow this happy-go-lucky kid as he explores his neighborhood. Along the way, Ted learns some valuable lessons, even as he’s already planning the next adventure.

The book, set in Northern California, will be on local bookstore shelves in time for Christmas.

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