Observation Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Associated Students Child Development Laboratory (ASCDL). We welcome your participation in this Title V and state licensed laboratory school.  This program consists of administration facilities and four classrooms; one for infants, one for toddlers, and two mixed-aged preschool rooms.  In addition, there is an observation room attached to the infant room and to one of the preschool classrooms. Please visit our Web site for a complete description of the ASCDL.

If you would like to make arrangements for students in your course to observe children or participate with children in this program, please:

Along with the completed application, please also attach:

  • A course syllabus for the current semester
  • A description of the assignment to be completed in the ASCDL if is not covered in the syllabus

When your completed application is received, Cindy Ratekin will be in contact with you.

Before participation can begin for a specific course, the instructor of the course is responsible for covering information with students in two areas:

1.  Professional, confidential and ethical behavior within a community setting --- Please refer to the NAEYC code of ethical behavior (pdf).

2.  Expectations regarding behavior in the ASCDL facilities --- Please refer to the The ASCDL Guidelines (doc) and the ASCDL Orientation Quiz (doc) (faculty will be sent the correct quiz responses).

The content contained in the observation guidelines can be transferred to students in multiple ways.  Faculty may chose to have students review the information on their own at the ASCDL web page, download and take the quiz, and turn it in during class to be graded.  The content can also be the focus of an in-class assignment, or a class presentation.  Faculty are responsible to ensure that all students in their course who will be accessing the ASCDL facility have been oriented in the two areas above.

If course requires direct participation on floor with children, additional requirements for immunization and orientation may apply.

If you have any questions or would like to make arrangements for ASCDL faculty to orient your students during scheduled course time, please contact Cindy Ratekin at cratekin@csuchico.edu, 898-5250, Zip 220. 

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