Related Minors

Most Common

Psychology (PSYC)—Provides scientific knowledge and personal insight about human behavior to be used to promote human welfare (21 units; many courses double count in the Child Development Major).

Family Relations (Social Science)—Provides an interdisciplinary approach to a study of the family, the current state of knowledge relating to family relations, sex role expectations, and child socialization (21 units).

Career and Life Planning (Social Science)—Provides students with an integrated background in areas of self-exploration and career guidance. A certificate is also available (20 units).

Sociology (SOCI)—Encompasses study of the individual, groups, and society to understand the norms, values, beliefs, and traditions of society. (21 units)

Others: See current catalog and department advisors for more information

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Political Science)
  • Criminal Justice (Political Science)
  • Health Service Administration (Health and Community Services)
  • Health Science (Health and Community Services)
  • Management of Human Resources (Management)
  • Managing Diversity in Organizations (Multicultural and Gender Studies)
  • Multicultural Studies (Multicultural and Gender Studies)
  • Physical Education (Kinesiology)
  • Paralegal (Political Science)
  • Recreation Administration (Recreation)
  • Women's Studies (Multicultural and Gender Studies)