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The Service Learning Advisory Committee

The Service Learning Advisory Committee (SLAC) was established in 2005 by EM 05-018.  Since then, substantial changes in the conceptualization and the practice of service learning have occurred, creating a need to revise the substantive provisions and language of EM 05-018.  Accordingly, EM 05-018 was superseded in 2011 by EM 11-046.

1.  The primary need addressed by EM 11-046 is risk management:  to provide for the safety of CSU, Chico students and the persons with whom they interact when, as a requirement of their coursework, students participate in service learning activities, as these are defined here.  Its chief purpose, therefore, is to indicate that certain actions are required when CSU, Chico students interact with agencies and individuals outside of the university as part of a service learning course (requirement).  Accordingly, whenever a student interacts with a non-university person, group, or organization off-campus as part of a service learning activity, a Student Placement Agreement covering the interaction is required with the non-university entity (e.g., a public or private school, not-for-profit organization, government agency, neighborhood association, etc.) before any interaction can take place.

2.  A second purpose of the policy set out in EM 11-046 is to authorize the SLAC to develop and monitor procedures that will strengthen and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service learning, and the quality of educational experience students receive when they participate in service learning activities.  In order to carry out its responsibility for implementing EM 11-046, the Service Learning Advisory Committee has been directed to establish guidelines to be followed by faculty and students when the latter participate in service learning activities.

3.  The primary requirement established by EM 11-046 is that “all planned service learning experiences must be submitted to the Committee for review.”

The Service Learning Advisory Committee consists of the following persons or their designees: