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The text below comes from the RTP policy at Sonoma State University.  It offers a model for amending RTP policy to include evaluation of public service and service to the (non-campus) community.  (View the entire policy (pdf))

Evaluating Public Service and Service to the Community

The candidate has the primary responsibility for providing all appropriate evidence to the Department RTP Committee, which is responsible for substantiating and evaluating public service. The Department RTP Committee shall (1) evaluate the quality of that service, and (2) specify whether the candidate is financially rewarded for any particular activity. Examples of public service and service to the community include, but are not limited to, membership on or participation in the activities of: 

  • Local, State, and Federal boards, commissions, and committees
  • Civic organizations
  • Community service organizations
  • Schools
  • Charitable organizations
  • Social agencies
  • Political groups/organizations
  • Recreational agencies and groups
  • Cultural organizations
  • Neighborhood associations