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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

The Hood Group

The ‘Hood Group is the “student arm” of the Neighborhood Connections Project.   The Group is a student “civic consulting” organization designed to help neighbors work together more easily whenever people want to talk, make plans, organize an event, undertake a project, or solve a problem. 

The ‘Hood Group accepts students as “civic consultants” to advise and assist local residents in their efforts to improve their neighborhoods.  Consultants provide support ranging from facilitating communication, running meetings, and planning projects to recruiting and “hiring” students and faculty to provide specific types of assistance.  Civic consulting isn’t “pretend work” — it’s real work:  real responsibilities for real decisions to meet real needs.

Civic consultants bring to actual community tasks the knowledge and “know-how” they’ve acquired from their studies.  They also develop and apply skills that will serve them well in their careers and community life after college. 

A civic internship is on-the-job-training.  Students receive academic credit in the amount of 1 unit (45 contact hours), 2 units (90 hours), or 3 units (135 hours).  This includes training and Group meetings.

All majors and pre-majors are welcome.  Students studying business, political science, sociology, anthropology, social work, health and community services, criminal justice, communications and journalism, environmental science, and construction management may find this opportunity especially interesting.  For details, contact the Office of Civic Engagement by phone (898-5486), e-mail (, or in person (MLIB 171D). 

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