Multimedia Recording Studio


The multimedia recording studio in Meriam Libarary room 027B, is designed for faculty use. This one-of-a-kind space can be utilitized for instruction by two methods: Learning Glass or from the lectern. Both instruction methods are recorded and then uploaded to the instructor's Kaltura account.

Full Studio Image of MLIB 027B

What is The Learning Glass? 

The Learning Glass is a transparent whiteboard paired with a lecture capture system. It allows instructors to write lecture notes while maintaining face-to-face contact with students, in a distance learning environment or to be uploaded and viewed at a later time by students. The instructor writes normally on The Learning Glass, left to right, then the recorded image is mirrored so students can view the notes normally. 

Learning Glass

Teaching From The Lectern

Instructors present materials from a PC in the studio using software, webpages, etc. This method is similar to teaching in a classroom, with the exception that there are no live attendees in the room.

Lecturn in The Learning Glass Studio


In order to reserve MLIB 027B, faculty should make a request via the room's Outlook calendar. You can find this calendar by opening Outlook, right click on My Calendars, hover over Add A Calendar, select From Room List, and then type MLIB 027B in the search bar. Once you've added the calendar, simply choose the date and time that you'd like to reserve the space, create an event, and it will be sent to our team for approval. You can also visit our tutorial page on adding a room calendar for detailed instructions.