Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the computer is asking for a password?

If you're prompted to enter a password on a classroom computer, click on the "up arrow" in the lower right corner of the screen and click "restart"

The computer will log in automatically after it has restarted.

What is Deep Freeze?

Deep Freeze is software installed on all classroom computers to prevent abuse by hackers and unauthorized changes from being made permanent. Deep Freeze is designed for use on public computers and maintains consistent settings on all classroom PCs across the campus. Restarting the PC restores all settings and software to the defaults.

What happens to data if I save it to the hard drive on the computers in a classroom?

Data should be saved to a USB flash drive. Files can also be saved to a network file server such as Bay. Drive T (My Documents) on the computer is not erased by Deep Freeze. Documents stored here will remain on the computer, but they are not protected and can be deleted by any other user of the computer

Do I leave the computer on or turn it off when I'm done using the it?

Please leave the computer on. The classroom computers automatically start and shut down daily. Leaving the computer on minimizes start up time for the next user, and allows the computers to automatically download critical updates and virus scanner definitions at night.

Can I play a DVD?

All computers in centrally supported classrooms have a DVD/CD-ROM drive capable of playing either CDs or DVDs. When you put a DVD into the computer, it will launch an on-screen DVD player that will provide the usual Play/Stop/Advance controls. Select the computer as the video source to the data projector, and the DVD movie will be projected to your class. Please note that when you use the computer to play DVDs you should first quit any other applications running on the computer.

Can I install software on classroom computers?

Many faculty find it a great aid to have a computer in the classroom, especially for presentations and Internet access. The computers in the centrally supported classrooms were intended as basic, standardized devices that would provide a Web browser and the standard suite of campus software. In this configuration they are able to support most faculty needs. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to maintain each individual classroom computer with its own independent set of software.

If you need to use software that's not installed on the PC, contact ITSS about the Virtual Software Library. If you have free or open source software you'd like included in the default PC configuration, send us an e-mail.

How do I access shared files on the Bay server from classroom computers?

If you would like to save or access your Bay drive from a classroom computer you will need to login into your campus account.  First log out or switch user then use your standard campus credentials to login into windows. Once you are logged in with your account click on the Windows start menu then click on "computer" from the right side menu. Your Bay folder should appear under the "Network Location".  When you are finished make sure to logout or restart the computer, this will prevent other users from being able to access your Bay folder.