CLC Officers

Council Chair: Cecilia Santillán-Robles
Title: Associate Director 
Department: Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Office: SSC 310
Phone: 6831

Associate Council Chair: Jose "Pepe" Villaseñor
Title: Advisor
Department: Financial Aid & Scholarship Office (FA)
Office: SSC 250
Phone: 6451

Past Council Chair: Vincent Ornelas
Title: BSW Director
Department: Social Work (SWRK)
Office: BUTE 513
Phone: 5445

Treasurer: Gloria Godinez
Title: Manager
Department: Labor Relations
Office: KNDL 222B
Phone: 3654

Secretary: Paul Bailey
Title: Faculty
Department: Mathematics and Statistics Department & School of Education
Office: HOLT 216
Phone: 5585

Historian: Stefani Baldivia
Title: Archivist
Department: Meriam Library Special Collections
Office: MLIB 308
Phone: 6778

Social Chair: Elizabeth Alaniz
Title: Assistant Director
Department: Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
Office: SSC 250
Phone: 0705

Membership Coordinator: Myrna Ochoa
Title: Administrative Support Assistant
Department: Student Records and Registration & Office of the Registrar
Office: SSC 110
Phone: 5142

Past Officers can be viewed on the WayBack Machine on the Internet Archive for the years listed below:

Officers for 2016-2017  

Officers for 2015-2016

Officers for 2013-2014

Officers for 2011-2012