Degree Program Objectives (DPO) and Assessment Measures

DPO 1   Maintain ACCE accreditation.

DPO 2   A majority of graduating seniors will receive employment offers from one or more construction companies.

DPO 3   A majority of graduating seniors will indicate that their expectations regarding curricular rigor were met, or exceeded.

DPO 4   A majority of alumni will indicate their approval rating on degree program content and student preparedness level, post-graduation (3-5 years).

DPO 5   A reasonable number of students will participate in educational enrichment experiences outside of the classroom.

5A        Student Clubs of Professional Organizations

5B        Student Competitions

5C        Service Learning

DPO 6   The Educational Unit shall work towards compliance with the Universities stated “Graduation Initiative 2025”.

DPO Map  and DPO Assessment Tools (pdf)