College of Communication & Education

Learning Outcomes

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  1. Candidates demonstrate subject matter knowledge by developing and teaching lessons that explain content clearly and make abstract concepts concrete and meaningful (TPE 4 & D2).
  2. Candidates use a variety of formative/summative assessments to determine pupils’ progress and plan instruction. (TPE 5)
  3. Candidates implement appropriate strategies, techniques and/or technology that match lesson purpose and content, and actively engage pupils (TPE 1 & D5)
  4. Candidates create opportunities for pupils’ to understand and produce academic language (TPE 1 & D1).
  5. Candidates draw on pupils’ linguistic and cultural background knowledge and skills to make connections with the curriculum (TPE 1, 4 & D1, D2).
  6. Candidates effectively support
    and  develop the language needs of ELs (including use of L1) and special populations. (TPE 1 & D1).
  7. Candidates use reflection and feedback to formulate and prioritize goals for increasing personal subject matter knowledge and teaching effectiveness (TPE 4, 6 & D3)
  8. Candidates engage in reciprocal partnerships with the school and/or greater community (D4)