College of Communication & Education

Learning Outcomes

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Students who complete the major in journalism should demonstrate the ability to:

  • Think critically, creatively and independently.
  • Apply professional standards and ethical practice of journalism and public relations.
  • Work with and convey information to diverse communities.
  • Understand the history, purpose and relevance of the First Amendment and media law, including privacy, libel, copyright, intellectual property and freedom of information.
  • Create audience-appropriate content by conducting research via digital channels, interviewing, fact checking, writing across multiple platforms and engaging audiences with visual tools.
  • Demonstrate digital information and number literacy, as well as explain the evolution of media technologies.
  • Demonstrate competency in grammar, spelling and Associated Press style while editing their work and the work of others with accuracy and consistency.
  • Professionally package and transmit information via current and emerging technologies and work as part of a team in producing such work.