College of Communication & Education

Learning Outcomes

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1a. Students demonstrate foundational understandings, concepts and values in: reading, language and literature; history and social sciences; mathematics; science; visual and performing arts; health; and human development.

1b. Students synthesize information from multiple sources.

2.  Students apply knowledge from multiple disciplines to understand real-world situations.

3.  Students organize, write and/or deliver effective presentations using appropriate academic discourse and technologies.

4a. Students serve the community in settings where a variety of populations in California are represented.

4b. Students collaborate and communicate with, and develop an awareness of individuals with different perspectives and/or cultural backgrounds.

5a. Students critically examine evidence as a means to solve problems.

5b. Students demonstrate an ability to conduct research, analyze evidence, reach conclusions and relate their own personal theories to empirical research and best practices.

6a. Students demonstrate an understanding of various concepts of beauty and their influence on human thought, behavior, and action.

6b. Students are able to relate various concepts of beauty to the natural environment.