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Assessment Plan

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Following the revision and implementation of the Communication Studies MA Program in Fall 2012, an assessment plan was also instituted. Each year since 2012/2013, all complete theses, theses projects, and comprehensive exams have been assessed in relation to Program Goals and Outcomes.

Exams are assessed using the CMST Comprehensive Exam Rubric (PDF).

Theses are assessed throughout the process of (1) prospectus approval, (2) oral defense, and (3) final thesis manuscript acceptance. A prospectus must be developed by working with a Thesis Chair and then approved by the thesis committee to proceed. Approval of a Thesis Prospectus is considered the first indication of proficiency, as failure to secure approval indicates a lack of proficiency. When a thesis is completed and defending orally to the thesis committee, that is another indicator of proficiency, as to pass means the work meets the standards for approval. The final check on proficiency is acceptance by the CSU, Chico Thesis Editor and placement in the Chico Digital Repository.

Review the list of completed theses below for examples of student success with advanced research in communication studies:


Sun, Yuzhuo (2016-09-28)

Daniels, Alyssa M. (2016-09-27)

Mattor, Millicent A. (2015-08-25)

Trevellyan, Scott (2014-07-23)

Ohland, Angela (2014-07-22)

Kirk, Gail Adriane (2014-07-17)

Linabary, Jasmine Rene (2013-08-21)

Shimp, Taureanna (2013-08-20)

Keyawa, Kimberly D. (2012-09-21)

Sauerbier, Rachel Ann (2011-09-06)

Guy, Ryan (2011-08-08)

Buxi, Arjun (2011-10-03)

Thomas, Anna Lind (2010-09-21)

Kelvin, William F. (2010-02-01)