College of Communication & Education

Learning Outcomes

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  1. Analyze, synthesize, and apply knowledge within the discipline

    SLO: Graduates must demonstrate effective analysis, synthesis, and application of knowledge within the discipline both orally and in writing.

  2. Effectively communicate with the various stakeholder groups (Oral presentation skills, written communication skills, effective use of multi-media to communicate)

    SLO: Graduates must demonstrate a mastery of the application of appropriate communication methods to share/present knowledge with stakeholder groups.

  3. Apply appropriate research methods to address stakeholder and organizational needs

    SLO: Graduates must demonstrate the application of appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative research methods to effectively address stakeholder and/or organizational needs.

  4. Effectively apply decision-making and problem-solving methods within the discipline

    SLO: Graduates must demonstrate the effective application of problem-solving and decision-making methods to management situations within the discipline.