Outstanding Faculty

One the greatest strengths of the College of Communication and Education is the outstanding faculty. Our faculty excel at engaging students in teaching, research, and service.  The college boasts the majority of faculty designated as Master Teachers by the university. Numerous college faculty have received Professional Achievement Honors, Lantis Professorships, and the highest awards given by the university, the Outstanding Professor, Teacher, and Service Awards. Several faculty have also received national awards for scholarship, teaching, and service. This reputation for teaching excellence is also accompanied by leadership in research and securing external funding. The faculty in the college have been awarded between 3 and 6 million dollars in grants and contracts annually over the last decade.

National Awards

Guggenheim Fellow (Guggenheim Foundation)

C guenter
Byron Wolfe

Art Educator of the Year (National Art Education Association)

C guenter
Cris Guenter

Nierenberg Chair of Design (Carnegie Mellon University)

B Suddick
Barbara Sudick

Ruth B. Glassow Award (Biomechanics Academy)

—Jackie Hudson

Honor Award (National Association for Sport and Physical Education)

—Catherine Himberg

University Awards

Outstanding Professor

Thomas Fahey
Thomas Fahey 2005-2006

Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez 1992-1993

Robert Main
Robert Main 1988-1989

Outstanding Teacher

Cris Guenterap
Cris Guenter 1999-2000

Madeline Keaveney (Photo Below) 1996-1998

Outstanding Advisor

Roger H. Guthrie, 2007-2008

Esther Larocco, 2008-2009

Outstanding Faculty Service

Charles Zartman

Charles G. Zartman, Jr., 2010-2011

Madeline Keaveney, 2002-2003

Lantis Professor

B Wolfe
Byron Wolfe 2009

Master Teachers

Thomas Fahey
Thomas Fahey 1994-1996

Patrick McCaffrey
Patrick McCaffrey 1994-1996

Laura McLachlin
Laura McLachlin 1996-1998

Devon Metzger
Devon Metzger 1996-1998

Cris Guenter (Photo Above) 1994-1996

Madeline Keaveney (Photo Above) 1996-1998