Bringing Research Close to Home

Byron Wolfe from the Department of Communication Design is used to travel.

His award-winning photographs have been published in numerous magazines, books, compact disks, and have been displayed at exhibitions across the country. His digital photography work has taken him from Guatemala to the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. Some of his most recent work is a little closer to home in Chico.

Wolfe encourages his students in the introductory photography class to always keep their cameras with them to be prepared to take an interesting photo.  In 2002 he did just that to be sure he wasn’t “asking students to do something I wasn’t doing.”  Eleven thousand pictures later and working with several photography and graphic design students, Wolfe has another book.  Chronicle Books (San Francisco) is publishing his book entitled Everyday that is due out in April of 2007. Everyday demonstrates that surprising beauty is often found in ordinary settings.

Getting students engaged in making and working with digital photographs is an important goal for Wolfe.  Wolfe tries to get students excited about photography by bringing his research to the classroom, bringing in professional photographers as guest speakers, and holding an annual student photography show. He models for his students how to use digital photography to communicate and help others see something anew. You can learn more about Byron and his work at