'Chico Street Photography' Exposes Local Walks of Life

Hours spent outside the classroom taking candid pictures of strangers resulted in the collection of more than 10,000 photographs by Chico State's "Applied Photography and Digital Imaging" class.

The students compiled a book of street photography as a class project, and the book, "Chico Street Photography: Spring 2010," was published in fall 2010.

Ivan Rojas, a graphic design major and photography minor, thought the project was exhilarating, but it took some time for him to get used to taking pictures of people on the street, he said.

"It was going out of my comfort zone, trying a new type of photography I hadn't tried before," Rojas said. "Going out in public and taking random pictures of people you didn't know, and you weren't sure how they were going to react, that was kind of scary.'

Rojas learned a lot from the project and has incorporated it into his daily life, he said.

"I still do this type of photography all the time and will continue doing so," he said.

The project had the students pushing themselves to try new things and explore their creativity with cameras in hand.

Throughout the 10-week process, the students got together to edit and select photos for the book, Rojas said.

Each student published five photographs in the book that can be purchased by clicking here. To view a slideshow of select photos from the book click here.


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