Konkow Mathematics and Science House

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CSU, Chico freshman find on-campus residence halls to be an ideal place to live. Unfortunately, given the recent increase in enrollment, on-campus housing demands are high and space is limited.

 Fortunately for a select number of freshman mathematics and science majors, we have created a themed housing, the Konkow Mathematics and Science House. This is one of the units in Konkow Residence Hall which boasts apartment-style living, each unit including a huge kitchen, living room, and dining room shared by only 14 people. Even though this is considered one of the best on-campus housing options, it actually cost less than most other residence halls since, with access to a full kitchen, Konkow students don’t need to pay for a full meal plan.

 We have found that the combination of living with like-minded students, receiving academic support, and taking courses as a cohort helps students be highly successful in what can be a very challenging first year. Residents in this house will be provided with in-house tutoring in mathematics and academic advising.

 Students accepted into Project M.A.T.H., an innovative enrichment program for those interested in becoming mathematics teachers, will automatically be offered a place in the Konkow Math and Science House once the Konkow Housing Application is also submitted. For other math and science majors, here is a simple application: Konkow Housing Application.

 For details about the Konkow Residence House, click here.

All students wanting student housing will need to fill out the general housing application. That application and more information about housing at CSU, Chico can be found at the Housing Website.