Becoming a Math or Science Teacher

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General Information:

To become a mathematics or science teacher you must complete a credential program.  In order to be accepted into a credential program you must have:

  • Completed the Basic Skills Requirement
  • Earned a Bachelor's Degree
  • Demonstrated Subject Matter Competency

The Basic Skills Requirement can be met many ways so please visit this link for detailed information.  The most straight forward way to achieve both a bachelor's degree and subject matter competency is to complete one of our CCTC approved degree programs for future science and mathematics teachers. They are listed below as are the faculty advisors for each program. If you already have another bachelor's degree you can get subject matter competency by passing the appropriate CSET Exam linked below.  Chico State, through its programs and proper advising, prides itself in providing a seamless transition from an undergraduate program through completion of a credential pattern.

Biology BA Biological Sciences
Advisors: Don Miller (Holt 213; 898-6153), David Kagan (PHSC 106C; 898-4575), or Bev Marcum (Holt 330; 898-5539)

Chemistry Chemistry
Advisor: Chris Nichols (PHSC 308; 898-5541)

Geosciences BS Geosciences - Option in Science Education
Advisor: David Kagan (PHSC 106C; 898-4575)

Physics BS Physics - Option in General Physics
Advisor: David Kagan (PHSC 106C ; 898-4575)

Foundational Level General Science requires eight courses:
PHYS 202A and 202B
CHEM 111 and 112
BIOL 151 and 152
GEOS 102 and 300
Advisor: David Kagan (PHSC 106C ; 898-4575)

Mathematics B.S. Mathematics - Mathematics Education Option
Advisor: Jorgen Berglund (Holt 220 ; 898-5350)

CSET Exams

CSU Chico Credential Program  Information