Hands-On Museum

The Hands-On Museum is not running at this time. Check back periodically to find out when the exhibits may return.

CMSE has arranged with the Chico Museum to periodically feature an interactive science exhibit called Hands On! Modeled on the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the Hands On! exhibit requires visitors to touch and explore, and thus discover basic principles of science and engineering.

Previous themes have been light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and simple machines. The first exhibit drew about 16,000 visitors from all over Northern California – mostly school age children.

We feel that informal science experiences of this type are valuable to both teachers and students. While the amount of actual learning is probably small, a trip to the science museum piques a students curiosity to want to know more. It also gives teachers an entertaining way to introduce science into their curriculum; it is our hope that they will follow up the ideas they saw in the museum with other activities and discussions in their classrooms.